Friday, June 12, 2020

Happy Father's Day...Dada

Knowing that Father's Day is soon approaching, I was playing around with the CZ Design "dad" die last week, from the Mom and Dad die set, and found a new way to use it...  
I partially die cut the dad die, then moved the die over,  partially die cut again, adding another "a",and made "dada".  When I showed it to my daughter, she immediately thought of the Jimmy Fallon book they have(and most babies proabably have, the cover shown below), and wanted a Father's Day card made with the die cut, for her 11month old son to give his dada.  
I used a shade of blue like the one on the cover.  I then pulled out a very old much loved Lawn Fawn set of stamps, Critters on the Farm (my set is EIGHT YEARS OLD...and Lawn Fawn STILL sells know I'm not the only one who loves it!).  Now, I know my bull is not like the one on/in the book, but it was the only one I had, and I'm sure my son-in-law will "get it".  I even purchased the dies to these stamps since I thought of making this card(eight years ago, there were no dies, but I KNEW I had to have them), and they were delivered in record time, but just like the sentiment die had to be "modified", so did the cow...into a bull.  I did put the dies in my product list below in case you were interested.   I had to hand cut the cow, and cut off her eyelash(even though I'm sure bulls have eyelashes, I was going for as much "manly"  as possible).  I also had to cut off her udder...nope,  bulls don't have udders. I then had to stamp and cut out an extra front leg to replace the one in the back, that with the removal of the udder, is now, no longer long enough.   By performing surgery with my scissors, I made my cow look a bit more bullish.  I colored the bull and used some lawn fawn cloud dies, and the picket fence from the Critter set (I also hand cut out the fence pieces, as I wanted the blue background to show through AMAP(as much as possible)(I colored the middles of the fences with sky blue marker).  I gave my daughter the choice of a stick on eye with a bigger and smaller pupil, she chose the bigger one.  I hand drew in the grass.  Here's a close up...
Just had to show you this card to show you that if you want, dies AND stamps have more uses than maybe they were originally made for.  You just have to have to get a little creative!  Oh, so much fun!!
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  1. I LOVE this card, Lisa. It's super cute.

  2. Hysterical!!! So perfect! I love your card! What an adorable little cow.

  3. This is so cute! I don't watch Jimmy Fallon so at first I didn't make the connection but now I see! I love how you altered the cow!!

  4. Da Da's deserve great cards like this.Nice Lisa!


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