Monday, August 10, 2020

Rainbow Detail Medallion

I used the beautiful new Simon Says Stamp Detail Medallion die from their latest Let's Connect release, to make a thank you card...
 When I first saw this die, I imagined it with six different colors...for the six different sides and points to the medallion.  The only thing is...I wasn't sure how to do it, and wasn't very good at making that happen.  I cut squares, then cut the squares into triangles...nope.  Then I cut some of the leftovers, but nope.  THEN, I had an idea...not the best, but better than I had had up til that point.  I googled "circle cut into six pieces template", and then printed it off...a few times, until I got it the right size...about 3".  Yes, I could have die cut a 3" circle, but the lines that cut it into 6 pieces were key.  I probably could have figured out how to do that, too, but I wasn't "feeling" the work it would take to get it right, so I opted for the printed circle.   I then took and cut the colors with the printed circle over each one as I cut them with my paper cutter.  The cuts are by no means perfect...I had to cut the pink one down to fit.(it was the last one I put in place).  I didn't account for the lines in the printed circle when I cut them with my paper cutter, so they are not perfect, but I think you can get the gist of the idea I had when started making this idea happen.  I used white Tonic drops and dropped a dot on a piece of acetate, let dry, removed, and adhered to the center of the medallion.  I used the beautiful new Detail Petal Plate for a background, and the CZ Design Thanks die for my sentiment, die cut and layered.  Here's a close up...
Not perfect, but a whole lot of fun!  A phrase I learned while watching Disney's Raven's Home with my Noah, is key to remember with cards like this: "Wabi Sabi"...meaning, there is beauty in the flaws!  
Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. Just gorgeous. The medallion looks so good in the six different colours. What a fantastic idea.

  2. This is so very pretty! Just thinking...could you have just cut each color medallion in half...tape it back together on the back, and cut it in half again, one "flower petal" away? I think the small Tonic guillotine trimmer, or the Fiskars trimmer with the wire guide might have worked!

  3. this is beautiful, lisa. you are very creative. thank you for sharing.


I so appreciate your comments...thank you, so much, for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa