Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A "Do Over" of a Clean and Simple Card

I kept looking at the cards I made today, and after watching day 7 of the Clean and Simple Card Making classes where WHITE clean and simple cards were the topic of the day...I HAD to redo one of the cards that I did earlier.  I will show you the sketch, my do over and the original...you decide!!
This is is my Do Over

 This is my original.

Now I know...probably not a big deal...same size card, but made the middle panel 1/4" smaller...took away the orange card and made it white...those two things, I think, make a huge difference.  The sketch showed a smaller middle panel...I think it just "looks" better that way!!  I also put white lines around the circular window of my other card I made today...  THIS...

...ch ch ch ch changes, as David Bowie would say...ok, NOW that I got this all out,  I can now retire tonight in peace!!  Hope you have a great night!!


  1. I agree... small things make a huge difference... love the white one!

  2. The first versions of each card were great, but your changes have really made them outstanding. I adore the white on white with the negative flower dies. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Ann

  3. You will shine in these card classes Lisa, two gorgeous examples, both before and after alterations:)
    Jenny x


I so appreciate your comments...thank for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa