Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Runway Inspired Challenge 4

I made a card for Runway Inspired Challenge...the dress a sort of rainbow.  I had ALL kinds of thoughts running round in my head, but then noticed the model's purse...a triangle.  I remembered seeing Susan recently make some wonderful cards with banners and began to rack my brain about a card with banners.  I then remembered that I had two little banners in a Hero Arts set I have had for a long time(Kiss From the Sun) and decided on a quick, easy banner birthday card (the colors just "looked" Birthday:)!!). The sentiment is Hero Arts, as well(Birthday Sayings). Here's my card and the dress:
Never having made a card with banners before, just thought I'd share a couple pics of how I easily made my banner in case you'd like to try your hand at it!
I stamped the banners with versamark and white embossed.  I cut the two equal sides and scored along the side that would hang:
 Then fold and cut along the back side of banner, making it a banner that hangs over the string/floss.
 I then put a glue dot on the bottom inside of the banner, making it easy to slide along the floss when attached.
I then simply attached the two end triangles to the card with a glue dot on the back of each, and then did the middle ones the same.
Fun challenge!!  Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa

EDIT--- Ever since I uploaded this card, I have felt a need to explain.  When I looked at this challenge this morning, I made my card based on the model's purse and it being triangularly shaped.   I decided to make a rainbow banner.  I had seen some banner cards a couple days ago that Susan Raihala had made...and together, thought...banners are  I made my card and was pretty happy with it.  I went to upload it and put a link to Susan's site to show her banner cards that I had thought of, and saw yet another banner card that she uploaded yesterday that is so very similar to the one I was uploading.  Ohhhh...disappointment big time!!!  I decided to upload my card, anyway...but have been feeling bad and sort of guilty all day, with a need to explain that just won't go away until I do.... I'm so sorry for how this may appear...that is NEVER my intent when I craft cards...I am so about being creative, but when I'm not,  giving credit where credit is due..and with that being said HERE is Susan's card...again, I'm so sorry...Lisa


  1. Very well done :) Great banner and card.

  2. I love your banner & thanks for the how-to....I have never made one either, but you have inspired me to try:) Your card is fab x x

  3. Wow! Fabulous. I have that set and have colored the banner triangles, but I love how you did it. The white embossing looks wonderful on the colored paper. This is such a happy card. :) Ann

  4. Cute card, Lisa! I really like it. Thanks for showing the process, you've given me some ideas. :-)

  5. Love these pennants! What a great interpretation of this inspiration.

  6. Such a sweet little banner- and I just adore the simplicity of your card! Thanks for the photo tutorial too. I'm so glad you decided to join us at the Runway Inspired Challenge!

  7. Hi Lisa. I love your rainbow banner card and thanks for showing how you made it.

    I'm sure we all end up making something similar to someone else without intending to but then again we all share to give inspiration so don't be so hard on yourself. x

  8. Oh Lisa, what a pretty bunting...I was thinking along those lines too as the bag had caught my attention :)
    You gave Susan credit in your original write up so you have nothing to worry about my friend...we all bounce of each other when it comes to ideas and that's the lovely part of blogging:)
    Great tip about hanging the bunting over the twine :)
    Jenny x

  9. I love the pretty banner on your card!


I so appreciate your comments...thank you, so much, for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa