Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Presents

Ok...a moment of transparency.  I began a course late last year called Financial Peace, taught by Dave Ramsey. The information in this series of lessons has been and will continue to be life changing!!  What I have learned led me to express to my family a desire to modify my/our spending...in many areas.
I have A LOT of stamps, and stamping STUFF!!  Let's face it, there is so much wonderful stuff available, we probably all have more than we can really use...I have more than I will probably be EVER able to use!!  That being said, before Christmas, I told my family of my desire to begin using the things I have and limit my stamping spending to gifts and gift money that I get throughout the year...I have been very blessed thoughout the last number of years through gifts/certicates/cards and free stamps from friends and family!!!...so I think, if I am wise, I will still have lots of fun, but will be slow to purchase, wise and prudent!!
 My daughter Hannah, who was married over a year ago, recently found Pinterest and has been bitten by the "crafting bug"...she made me  a Stamping Fund Jar(and included money)!!(my jar already has  funds from Christmas...what fun!!!)
My daughter, Emma, bought me two personalized stamps...my daughters are sooooooo cool!!  Thought you might want to see the stamps:

You can find the site HERE, if you're curious!
And a picture of my fun(d) jar:
What thoughtful and loving daughters!!!  Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. What great ideas your daughters had! What better gifts for a Stampin' Momma! I know you will spend your funds wisely. I hope you and your family find that 2012 is the best year yet.

  2. Your daughters are truly very thoughtful Lisa...these are brilliant gifts:)
    I had the personalised stamp idea but it was too late for Christmas, now you've spurred me on to find a company in the UK that provides the same service!
    Great jar too...a bit big for me, it would never have chance to fill up!...Lol
    Jenny x

  3. Happy New Year Lisa and good on you for your new plan! Love those personalised stamps!

  4. Love your new stamps! What a thoughtful gift! Your jar idea is great! Happy saving! :)


I so appreciate your comments...thank you, so much, for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa