Saturday, November 26, 2011

Snowflakes and....the Rest of the Stamping Room

I made this card after I bought this ribbon at Mike's last week...big, textured ribbon that was just Shouting for a white
I used a Martha Stewart snowflake punch and the set Peace Be Still by Papertrey Ink. I FIRST stamped the sentiment(PTI Signature Christmas) with versamark and white embossed. I bunched the snowflake stamps together on one acrylic block and stamped the grouping randomly with versamark on the sentimented olive cardstock.  I learned by MUCH trial and error that to put the sentiment on AFTER the snowflakes DID NOT WORK!!  With the snowflakes stamped, no matter how dry or how long I waited, when I stamped the sentiment and put the white embossing powder on the sentiment, the powder remained on the nearby snowflakes....EVERY TIME!!  What a learning experience!!!
   I wanted to show you a couple more pics of my "room":'s my space:
This is my closet punch holder:
I got an over-the-door shoe tree at Target and use it for my shaped punches.  I have my border punches in a drawer.  I used black paper and punched  one of each shape and stapled it to the pocket so I know what's in each pocket and makes it easier to find punches.  Here's a close up:
Inside the closet I have a tall set of drawers that I keep just about all my staples...above is xtra paper and MORE ribbon(so funny...I don't use much ribbon but have a TON of
 I am not showing you the insides of my room may be tidy, but my drawers...well that's a different story!!
 This is an akward space for stamps, but it's really the only place I have to store all these stamps.  I would love, someday, to have all these stamps in a more accessable space, but for now it's the way it is.  I have all my Stampin Up and random stamps on the shelves and in the drawers.  I was just given a whole bunch of stamp sets from a friend.  I had just "thinned the herd" by getting rid of ALOT of stamp sets, myself,  and had that whole top shelf empty...oh well...who doesn't love some new stamps?  I put big bold name tags on each set, with older eyes and being in this closet, it makes them so much easier to find than the SU tags that the stamps come with...the top shelf have yet to be tagged:
I recently bought this shelving unit from WalMart(I DO love WalMart) and it houses a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff:
 I labeled all my boxes and crates so you could "see" what they store...this is a great unit for storage!!  I have a monitor to watch my Noah while I stamp and he sleeps...just in case I am and he's!!  If you have any ideas or suggestions...something your eyes may see that mine do not...please let me know...thanks!!
Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. That wide ribbon is a perfect backdrop for that beautiful snowflake! I find that in stamping I have to think backwards. So many times it works best to work from front to back.

  2. Hi Lisa, Fabulous card, love that punch and the ribbon suits perfectly:0) I have been nosying around your craft room, WOW What an organised lady you are! It all looks so wonderful, with so many crafty and tidy solutions, simply brilliant, Gay xxx

  3. Hi Lisa, A beautiful card-I just love the woven texture to the ribbon and it takes centre stage perfectly. Great tip about stamping the bkgd, it's amazingly sticky stuff Versamark!!!
    Loving your craft space pics, next best thing to have a nosey in person :)
    Jenny xx

  4. I'm getting caught up with my commenting. This is beautiful. I love the deep red and green. That ribbon with the snowflake is beautiful. Embossing can be so tricky; I don't often do it. The sentiment pops beautifully having been embossed in white. Thanks for sharing photos of your space. Ann

  5. Love the big ribbon with the snowflake cinching it. It was worth the effort. Wow look at your space! Love the idea for the punches. x

  6. Ohhh I really like your hanging punch rack. I have one, and its mesh, but I still have trouble trying to see which punch is in the pocket. I'm definitely trying this idea. TFS


I so appreciate your comments...thank you, so much, for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa