Friday, November 25, 2011

My Craft Room/Space

I LOVE to see other stampers' to see the rooms where card creativity happens.  Some spaces are huge, some not so much...but whatever size or condition, it's just cool to be invited in to other's creative spaces.  I love new ideas and actually just ordered some $5.99 dvd shelfs from IKEA from looking at Mary Fish's website and seeing her AMAZING space!(my daughter will be driving them from TN when she comes at Christmas, so will have to show you then. We don't have an IKEA anywhere near where I live, but a  company where Hannah lives in Nashville lets you order things from IKEA through THEM, they GET them at IKEA and you pick them up when they bring them back) space isn't that big, but it' mine!!  Thought you might be curious to see where I love to hang!
This is my space.  My craft room is a part of my daughter Hannah's bedroom.  We had her room built from part of the garage, so it's not big but it was her own space  She got married last September and moved with hubby to Nashville TN.  I took a corner of her room...and her closet...and her desk, and made a space for my stamping.  When she and Nic visit, they stay it's still her room, but mine, too:)!!
She and her best friend painted a mural on the wall behind the bed, which she said we are NEVER allowed to paint's the rest of her room.  Notice my pockets full of punches on the inside of the closet!!
She has always wanted to be a makeup's the other side of her closet door, these have stayed put, too:
Here is my desk:
 and our dog, Lucy...she is ALWAYS with me!!
I made the stamp pad holder for all my SU pads from THIS free template...yes about $6...alot better than  $60 or more.  I have my most used paper colors in the slotted spaces, the two boxes to the left of  the desk hold all the other colors.
I bought this little tower of drawers from WalMart...perfect to hold a whole bunch of little things, and sits perfectly in this space:
There is no other way to show these little basket shelves...they ALWAYS look this chaos close at hand.  These tiered baskets hold scissors, clear ep, adhesives, corner punches, some twine and floss, my essential Enamel Accents, TWO pairs of reading glasses(in case one gets lost under a creative mess), postage stamps, some glues, bone folder and lots of other miscellaneous things:
 I found this at WalMart in the bath's a side view, so you see it's shelves are arranged at a slight angle...notice the Dove chocolates on the top shelf...A MUST!!!  The rubber feet keep it in place wonderfully, NEVER MOVES!!
I'll show you the closet and my shelving unit tomorrow...I've inundated you with enough pictures for one day:)!!  Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, for those of you who celebrated the day...hope you are having a great start to your weekend today!!
Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. Aww Lisa...can I come and play...I love your special space. I especially love the idea for all your punches...I may have to borrow it for my own space!

    Hope you are having a blessed week.

  2. Thank you so much for showing us around your crafting space, love that it's dual purpose. I can see a computer desk is handy to store items like a paper cutter on the keyboard drawer!!
    You've got such a well organised light space to create in :)
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family
    Jenny x

  3. I love visiting stamp spaces. That mural makes yours extra special. No wonder you're so inspired!

  4. hey Lisa, do you really manage to keep your desk neat? usually stampers have a mess while crafting.
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  5. Hey khushifairy! OH desk is really messy when I make cards!!!! I will take a picture of my desk when I return to stamping next week so you can see the before and after...I will warn you, it's not!!!


I so appreciate your comments...thank you, so much, for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa