Friday, February 22, 2019

For the Love of Tulips

I recently got the Spellbinders Tulip Flower Frame die...I love tulips, and thought this die was SO pretty!!  I have made three cards, all constructed the same way, simple in design, with different sentiments...thank you, birthday, and love you cards...
 I die cut the frame three times each for layering of each card.  I then embossed the frame onto another piece of cardstock, and colored it with my Prismacolor markers for the yellow and purple, and all the leaves, my sharpie markers for the red flowers.  I added sentiments that I used the Simon Nested Banners to cut out with, positioning them differently on each of the cards.  Here's a close up of the yellow...
The purple is the birthday card...
here's a close up...
The red tulips are LOVE....
 and here's a close up of this one...
I LOVE this die!!  Simply done is all this die needs...I just loved the simplicity, not to mention the fun of coloring that these cards brought...happiness!!
Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. Oh wow, these simple cards have such impact. I've not seen the tulip die before but it looks like something I should have. I'd better go and find one now. Sam x

  2. Totally terrific tulips! Just to double-check: you adhered 3 stacked die-cuts (for more dimension) before adhering to the embossed, colored card stock? I stack full-coverage die-cuts frequently but it’s never dawned on me emboss (and color) the card stock underneath. Brilliant.

    1. got it exactly right, Beth! I was SO mad at myself that I didn't get at least ONE picture of my crazy coloring...but so happy you understood even without the pics:)!!

    2. Don’t give me too much credit - it took a bit! Oddly, at first the colored tulips looked like they stuck out beyond/in front of the die cut openings, instead of being underneath them. Hard to explain, but an optical illusion helped along by being half asleep, no doubt. I can’t make them do that now. : ) Anyway, they’re lovely!

  3. These cards are terrific, you are so good at them. If I had done this I think the colour would have spread out so it showed under the die cuts. You have inspired me to have a practice and see xx

  4. These cards are beautiful!
    Could you describe how you emboss using a die? That is totally new to me.
    Thank you.


I so appreciate your comments...thank you, so much, for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa