Saturday, September 30, 2017

Prettied Up Gift Cards

I have a couple "cards" to show you cards, that is!!  I used the new Simon Says Stamp Prettied Up Gift Card die set from the new STAMPtember release®, and made two cards to just skim the surface of how you could use this fun and pretty die for gift cards...all occasions...I've chosen two...first is Christmas...
 I used the card I showed you yesterday, and put a gift card in it, and an envelope and "ribbon and bow" on it! You can dress up your card  with this set, to be a bonified gift!!!   Above, you see the card and the decorated envelope.  Below, the gift card inside the card...
 I did the same striping on the inside of the card for the gift card as on the outside of the card....and so neat that I had a gift card with the same wording as the front of the card!!  You could give a gift card just cause you're thinking of someone, and could make the card and gift card holder, to fit your gift card...hence below...
 I pulled this gift card out of my purse, to use as a sample, and went with the sky blue of the gift card to make the holder and bow.  I used vellum for the envelope(using my envelope punch machine, listed below), so that the pretty flowers would show through!  Ok...this die IS  soooooo PRETTY!!!  It could be used for ANY occasion...and if you're like me....I will use it a lot, because I AM a gift card giver!!  
 One thing to note with the bow... if using light cardstock like the red bow above, no problem with bow making.  Heavier cardstock like the blue, however, needs a little pre curling before putting together.  I used my Versamark marker and kind of kneaded the bow pieces over the marker a number of times.  They will start to curl a bit, and that's what you want, will get a crinkled wrinkled bow...look below...
The top bow is the bow simply bent over with no kneading, the bottom one is the one curled over my marker...really makes a difference...just a little tip!!
This die set continues to thrill much fun!!!  Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. So beautiful! thanks for sharing the little tip!

  2. Love it! "JOY" is my Favorite.. I think I will get the die set!
    Such Beautiful workmanship Lisa.. :-)

  3. These are all gorgeous Lisa...especially love the striped one!

  4. Absolutely beautiful gift cards Lisa. What a great way to present them.

  5. Such beautiful ways to present a gift card! Looks like you will get a ton of use out of that new die set!

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I so appreciate your comments...thank you, so much, for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa