Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Pasted" Hearts Birthday card

I was in the mood to use a stencil...I pulled out a wonderful Simon Says Stamp stencil full of hearts, and with a variety of colored craft paint + embossing paste and a couple birthday sentiments, made this...
 I made this card using one color + embossing paste at a time.  I masked the stencil, mixed and spread the paste (just a tiny bit of paste with a drop of paint...VERY LITTLE of both:)!), let dry and went to the next color.  Now...lest you think I've lost my mind, know that this was SO SIMPLE...and although you DO have to wait about an hour in between colors, it is pretty effortless...make another card while you're waiting...or whatever, then come back to it and lay down another color.  You COULD just sponge some color into the heart cutouts of the stencil, but I LOVE the raised look the embossing paste gives the hearts...great dimension and texture you just don't get from simply sponging...
Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. Such patience you have! It looks amazing!

    I don't think I could wait for each column to dry! I'd probably do them all at once, and let the colors blend across the rows. #lazy

  2. Well worth the drying time wait! The colored embossing paste is wonderful!

  3. Love those pasted harts!

  4. So cool Lisa. Your rainbow cards speak to my heart!

  5. What a lovely card! I like the simplicity of it and those wonderful colors you chose!

  6. WOW, what great combination of colours, Lisa!!! A CAS masterpiece!!!! Love it!!!

  7. Lisa, your colored hearts are wonderfull! - So intensely and bright!
    What kind of craft-paint did you use?

    1. The paints I used were inexpensive paints from Wal Mart...Apple Barrel craft paints:)!

  8. gorgeous card Lisa thanks for the inspiration i have crafters block at the mo!

  9. Very pretty - didn't think to try coloring embossing paste that way.


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