Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hourglass Die and Rainbows...LOTS of Rainbows!!

Back in February, I made some cards using the fun Simon Says Stamp Hourglass die for the Spring Release 2014 Blog Hop!  You can find that post HERE.  One of the cards I made with the die was rainbow striped.  When using this die, 12 triangles are the leftovers of the full card die.  I have had the striped rainbow leftovers sitting in a bowl, along with a BUNCH of white and other color triangles, and decided to make some cards with the rainbow triangles.  I was having so much fun, I made a couple MORE rainbow striped hourglass die cuts and THEN had a whole bunch of rainbow striped triangles to make more cards it will be a long,rainbow striped, triangular  post:):)!!
There are two ways I placed and then die cut the strips/stripes...
I use 1/4" strips of each color...6 colors...and a 1/2" of the purple or middle strip, so 7 colors all together. This way makes the rainbow radiate from the center...COOL looking for a card!! Placing the strips this way will make all the die cut triangles have the same color patterns, the pink at the wide end and the purple at the narrow end of the triangle, making cards with rainbows... PERFECT(although the "charm"...that's what I'm calling it... is that the stripes of colors in the triangles aren't always perfect due to the strip cutting AND die cutting) ...

 I layered each triangle on each one of these cards with 2 white triangles underneath each for the layered look of die cuts!!...

Loved the colors on gray with a sentiment that was PERFECT for a rainbow with gray paper(the sentiment, as well as the sentiment from the next card is from My Favorite Things The Great Outdoors...a set I learned after posting these cards does not appear to any longer be available...I have removed it from my original Inlinkz list at the bottom of this sorry!!)...

Radiating the rainbow greater than 180° "around" a sentiment...

 And using the whole die cut (LOVE the large solid strip in the middle for a sentiment)...
Used textured paper for the Simon Says Stamp "you"die cut, layering the full hourglass die cut AND the sentiment...

2.  The second way that I used the strips was to use the same 7 colors, but used a 1/4" strip for each color and simply repeated the rainbow. 
I like the radiating rainbow for a card much better than the repeating pattern, but I thought this was a cool way to use the triangles alone, because...
You can alternate the triangles on a card and the pattern of the rainbow colors will be the same because the pattern reverses on the top 6 from the bottom 6, which I thought was SO COOL...
LOVE this cool looking "HELLO" stamp sentiment from Simon Says Stamp
If you have made it this far, thanks:)!!  Hope you thought it was as much fun as I did:)!!
Hope you have are having a fantastic week!!  Hugs!!  Lisa


  1. Absolutely fantastic!!

  2. Oh my! I'm such a triangle fanatic that this really speaks to me. I loved what you did before with this die and what you've done here is even better. AWESOME!!!

  3. These are just so fabulous!! My favorite has got to be the rainbow card on the dark color CS!! AWESOME!

  4. These are awesome! LOVE!!!

  5. Rainbow colors, stripes, triangles - you made me very happy with this post! Thank you!

  6. Your cards were my favorite from the hop, the way you used this die...just fabulous, and now a whole different level of fabulous-ness. Mouth-wateringly gorgeous cards. Gotta pin them all.

  7. I love rainbows and I love your creations, beautiful, job well done, off to SSS to buy the die!

  8. Extremely creative and thoroughly enjoy your work! I do have a question though...are you adhering the color strips to another piece of cs before die cutting?

  9. Love your cards - they are so happy ! :) However, I'm having difficulty with finding the stamp set "The Great Outdoors" (at least that is what it is called when you scroll over it.) Cannot find it on the web site. Please help - I want all of these sets ! :)

  10. Just brilliant - I wish their dies were a little cheaper.... its on my wish list for a while and this did not help to make it come off ;)

  11. Hi Stefanie! I am SO sorry...Inlinkz not only showed, but allowed me to add the set to my list of items I used on my card when I was creating my inlinkz collection to put on my appears it is no longer available at Simon...or, as I googled... anywhere:(:(. I have submitted an email to My Favorite Things to ask about it, but haven't heard back from them yet. I am taking it off my inlinkz list but the name of the set is The Great Outdoors by My Favorite Things...will let you know when I sorry for the inconvenience!!

  12. Hi Marilyn! I DID adhere the strips to another piece of paper before die cutting. I used to use a thin piece of card stock and used my tombow runner ALL OVER THE PAPER(so no little die cut pieces would come loose after die cutting), but I NOW adhere the strips to a piece of copy paper, as it is much thinner and when die cutting, you get a cleaner cut without the thickness. I STILL layer the die cuts AFTER die cutting with at least two more die cuts, for depth, but the strips ARE a layer of paper, so the less paper behind them , the better...hope this helps:)!!

  13. Fabulous set of cards! LOVE the last one with the alternating triangles - so cool!

  14. All geometric Beauties. You have an amazing blog with so many creative and colorful samples. TFS


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