Friday, September 6, 2013

Stencil Fun

I have never used a stencil to make a card, but the new line of stencils from Simon Says stamp were very intriguing to me!!  I opted to "get my feet wet" rather than "dive right in", so I purchased the Bold Flowers and Bold Flowers Outline stencils.  I wasn't even sure what to do with them or really how to use them,  these two cards are my first and second tries...FUN!!!! and EASY!!!!...and I LOVE how they turned out:)!!
 I made this one first, combined with the Thanks on a Line die, but then thought that it would be nice to show you how I did it(AFTER I finished it) I made a second one...

Here's what I did...
 Put the outline stencil on the paper

Sponged with yellow ink 

 Remove the stencil

 Replace with the Bold Flowers stencil and adhered to keep it still with eclipse tape....fingers were cool until the black...

 And sponge with black.

Remove the stencil and see the magic:)!!!!   SO COOL!!!   I cut down to 4 x 4 panel and put layered die cut sentiment on top.Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. i love this Lisa!
    Bold and fun!

  2. Oh my goodness...... They are gorgeous and soooooo retro!!! I'm sure my mum had a dress in the orange and brown pattern combo :0) I just love how the 'thanks' finishes them off too.
    Jenny x

  3. This does look fun and easy, Lisa. Your sentiment finishes it off perfectly.

  4. Your bold two tone flowers really pop! Thanks for sharing your creative process.

  5. Gorgeous! Thanks for showing us how you did this. So awesome!

  6. Thank you so much for showing these stencils! Stencils perplex me - I want to like them and use them, but I don't "get" them. lol! This is an excellent tutorial. Thanks! (really I'm just looking for an excuse to buy them all. :))

  7. Appreciate you showing us how you used those stencils. I have yet to "get my feet wet" but maybe soon now that I see how they can be used.


I so appreciate your comments...thank for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa