Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Wonky Squares

I had gotten the Penny Black Wonky Squares die a while ago, and finally took it out of it's packaging and made a couple simple, but very fun cards...
I used some watercolor paper, and embossed the die onto the paper.  I then used my Sharpie and Mark It markers to color the embossed wonky squares.

 I adhered them behind triple layered black die cuts, and added an Altenew sentiment(love this set!).  Here's a close up... 

Then...I'll show you the first one I made...simply the layered squares with nothing behind them and a simple "thanks"...I LOVE the rainbow...but I LOVE the simple black and white...thought they both
are soooooo cool...
Here's a close up of the black and white...
Ok....simply such fun!!!  Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. Four thumbs up. Two each. Way cool!!

  2. I love both versions!!! I just curious why you used watercolor paper for the alcohol markers. My experience has been that watercolor paper is super absorbent and sucks up marker of any kind, using more pigment than you would with other paper. I would think your card base paper would have given better results, especially if you use Neenah like many others do. But I'm still learning and would love to know if you tried different papers or why you chose watercolor. Love the results either way!!!

  3. Hey, Karen...great question. I used the watercolor paper, because my experience with these kind of markers is that the color is not as easily and well blended looking with normal paper, as it seems to be with the watercolor paper. I LOVE the bold colors of these markers, and I wanted an even look to the color. Another thing...I liked the bit of texture from the watercolor paper...subtle, but looked cool. I actually had to attempt coloring the panel a couple times, because the watercolor paper bled a bit and when I wasn't really careful, the color from one square started to show in another...and although a pain, love that the color spread...but I really like how easy and simple it was to use these markers on this paper. Hope this makes sense...hugs!

  4. I love a great gender neutral design, this card is perfect!


I so appreciate your comments...thank you, so much, for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa