Saturday, March 25, 2017

Sending Love with Hearts Made Border

I used another one of the dies from the Envelope Liner die set to make a border of rainbow hearts card...
The die looks like this...'s NOT a border die...but I wanted to MAKE it one.  So...I used the die plus my T-ruler(to keep the die straight across the card panel, and die cut five times like I did for yesterday's card, keeping one of the pieces of the die in an already die cut heart, and die cutting 2 more hearts each time with the die and the T-ruler....until you make it across the panel.  This is what it looked like die cutting the first two times...
I put the die as close to the edge as possible with a tiny piece of space, lined up the t-ruler,
 adhered with some tape, then die cut.  I placed the die over the last heart of the three already cut hearts, 
 lined my t-ruler above it, and pushed the die up against the ruler, taped it,then
die cut...and so it will go three more times.

I used a sentiment from the Hydrangea Blooms set, that goes perfectly with a row of colored hearts!  I layered underneath with some rows of heart "mistakes" that I had made trying to perfect my line of hearts(they were slanted and not straight, but perfect to be adhered underneath), and I filled in the hearts with, what else....paint chips!!  
Here's a close up...
Simple, although it did take me a number of tries experiments to get to the finished product...make sure you use a T-ruler and it will be super easy on the first go round!!
Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. Swooning allowed? Love this

  2. Anyone who receives this card will feel loved -hearts and a rainbow a double win. Well done.

  3. Love it, and you're just SO creative! Love the tutorial too! I must add that I would be more likely to start in the middle afraid that my line would NEVER be even once all cut...

  4. Did you use the embossing powder on the sentiment?

  5. Love the rainbow of hearts!

  6. Beautiful rainbow hearts! Such a clever way to use the die. xxx

  7. how do you cover the colored paper on the back once placed to avoid looking weird on the inside of the card?


I so appreciate your comments...thank you, so much, for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa