Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Four Panel Happy Birthday

I made a card a few weeks ago HERE, and decided to make another similar, but this time, instead of using patterned paper, MAKE my own divided paper...
My stripes are thinner, only a couple sixteenths of an inch away from an A2 sized card(I was too lazy to be exact, but it's unlike the last card that was 6"...I'll just make a little larger envelope:)!), and the sentiment overlapped the spaces, but I kind of like it:)!!
I chose to use textured paper in between the gold stripes, and used my Simon Says Stamp "Happy Birthday" die as my stand alone sentiment.  I layered it three times, and glossy accented it after adhering it to the card.  Here's a close up...

Making cards...ALWAYS such great fun!!  Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. Very nice card. love the simplicity

  2. i'm loving these striped cards you've been making - great colors on this one!!

  3. Very nice card. love the simplicity

  4. The simplicity of your cards are always so WOW !

    Lisa, I was wondering how is it that you get the laying of your die cuts words to align so perfect, and the glossy accents to look so smooth ?
    The surface is always free from roughness, bumps, ridges or irregularities.

    Also, the Christmas card that you did with the word JOY your powder embossing also came out so smooth. How in the world do you get such a smooth look on these. Can you go into detail as to how you get these perfect results ? Thank you for sharing your beautiful cards and explaining things.

    Now if you would only make YouTube videos next, then you would be perfect!

    ( lol ) joking ... xoxo

    1. Hey Lillian, and Melanie-Jane...I have talked, for a long time, of doing videos...this is one of those things that I get a lot of questions about, but is hard to explain...SO much easier to show someone. I am REALLY going to try to make a video, but until really boils down to working quickly with dies(moving them into position before the fast drying glue drys) and with the glossy accents(not using too much, but enough,and in the right places), and... practice makes perfect...I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and I "practice" a lot...hey, I layer A LOT! I will say, though, that getting die cuts straight has become easier and easier with time, and given how incredibly much I layer!! The glossy accents OVER the dies...always squirt some out BEFORE putting on your die cuts and move slowly, so as not to create air bubbles. THAT, too, has been practice makes perfect. Be on the lookout for videos to's another slice of media I NEED to conquer!! Thanks for your questions...sorry for taking so long to respond!!

    2. Thank You Lisa for your reply and detail information on how you get these great results when using glossy accents and laying. Melanie Jane and I will be waiting for those YouTube videos, we just can't wait! xo

  5. amazing card Lisa I love your layered sentiments and as Lillian I am curious to know how you get your gloss accents that perfect. The layering I can do but not the glossy accent. And of course I'm thinking the same. You on youtube that would be amazing.
    By the way just got my SSS package and will for sure get inspiration from your blog for my next cards :)
    Have a nice day
    xoxo Melanie-Jane

  6. Beautiful card Lisa, love the idea of the different textures in the cardstock with the super smooth gold. Perfect look and finished perfectly with the layered diut words.

  7. Love the extra dimension on the diecut sentiment, but it's those textured panels of cardstock that caught my eye! Fabulous card.

  8. Stunning, yet quite adaptable to masculine! Love it...

  9. Beautiful colors, Lisa, and I love the textures. The glossy sentiment is so striking!


I so appreciate your comments...thank for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa