Saturday, September 17, 2016

Infinitely Grateful Greenery

I made a card to share with you today, made with one of the new My Favorite Things stamp/die sets, Geometric Greenery!  This set has amazing leaves filled with geometric designs and some very very cool sentiments...
You may remember that I just got back from Florida last week.  What I DIDN'T tell you is that my daughter lives 45 minutes away from My Favorite Things in Eustis Florida!!  We had made plans to go there almost daily while I was visiting her, but she is a teacher's assistant and works until 3pm every day.  MFT Stamps is open until 4pm, so it was impossible for us to get there before it closed.  She felt SO BAD...she made me PROMISE I would go there on my way home(well, it's not on my way home...home is North and this was Southwest), but I WENT!!  Noah was sleeping, so I left the car running when I got there, and ran in just for a couple minutes...
 The store is AMAZING!!!!!!!! It is so pretty... and FILLED with so many wonderful things...oh....sigh... I am definitely going back the next time I visit my daughter, but going back to stay for A...LONG...TIME!!!!  One thing I was particularly excited about was that the Geometric Greenery stamp/die set was had been sold out, on line...psych!!   This is a pic of the new release at the store...
 I told the girl at the checkout, I needed to go, so I would have enough money to get home:):):)!!!  She did give me a wonderful pink bag for coming into the store...I had SO...MUCH...FUN, even though it was only for a few minutes!!!!!  But, "I'll be BACK!!"...
For this card, I simply used some Sharpie and Mark It markers...
I had so much fun coloring! Here's a  closeup...
Hope you are all having a great weekend!!  Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. What a great card and I am every so slightly green with envy that you got to visit MFT! How fabulous, Jo x

  2. very cool! Wonder where you are in relation to Tampa? Off to Google it!

  3. Fabulous card Lisa, love the autumn tones, Cathy x

  4. Love the card. MFT store looks like a place to spend a good hour or two in!!

  5. I am so envious! Glad that you got to enjoy all the splendor, even for a bit, and wishing I could have been with you. But then, I would have spent all my paper craft budget there in a few minutes! Love your card! So CAS & gorgeous colors!

  6. So sad you didn't get to go with your daughter to MFT, and so sad you only stayed for a moment, but grateful you enjoyed the little time you had. BTW -- your card is GREAT, and I love that you used colored sharpies!!


I so appreciate your comments...thank for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa