Friday, March 18, 2016

Plush Daisy AND Plush Sunflower!

I have been having SO MUCH FUN with the new Simon Says Stamp Plush dies!!  They are kind of like the new adult coloring books...stitching these die cuts is so much fun, but so relaxing and fulfilling, too!!  I used the Plush Daisy die, and made a stitched daisy AND a sunflower!  I put them on cards, although they both have a little something special to give them more purpose than to simply be on their cards...
The daisy simply die cut and stitched...using a yellow felt middle and sentiments from the Simon Happy and Smile stamp set.  Both cards are 5" squares.  

The sunflower took twice as much felt, floss, and twice as much time to sew, but I think it's so cute, and so worth all the extras:)!!...
The cool thing about making this one a possibility is the die itself.  The die for the daisy's center only has one row of stitch holes.  BUT, if you notice the actual daisy die, the daisy has a whole bunch of rows of holes throughout the middle.  SO...I used a piece of brown felt, die cut it in the center of the daisy die, then hand cut it to a circle, following the largest row of stitch holes, as my guide.  
Thought it SO cool, that doing this gives the sunflower the actual look that a sunflower would have with all the seeds in the center. 

THEN...for the surprise!  I hot glued a 1" magnet to the back of each flower, to make then into pretty magnets for, in this instance, a refrigerator(this was photographed at night)!  I am sending the sunflower to my daughter, Hannah...sunflowers were the flowers at her wedding 5+ years ago...and when I told her my idea to magnetize the flower, she LOVED that idea (kind of keeps a piece of me with her always, as she is 600 miles away:(!).  I also attached a hanging string to the back of the sunflower(before I thought of the magnets), so you could hang it, too:)!!  
OK...SO MUCH FUN...going to have a couple more to show you, soon...having such a ball!!  Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. Love the felt designs, love the magnets, neat idea (even after thought O:))...awesome.

  2. These are so cute and such a clever idea!

  3. Great ideas! So fun!!Love the sunflower idea...

  4. The magnets are so cute & such a great idea! I love themboth.


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