Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Stamp with a Story

I made a card today, with an "old friend"...the old friend being a stamp.  I used to stamp some 25 years ago, before children...before dies...when stamps and ink were about all there was.  I gave it up and gave everything away about 10 years later.  Among all the many stamps I gave away, there was one stamp that for the last 4 years since starting up again, I have thought about, time and time again...regretting giving that one stamp away.  Last year while looking through a store sight, I FOUND THE STAMP!!!  Funny...when I originally bought it, it was a Magenta stamp.  When I found it last year, it was the exact same stamp, but now Impression Obsession.  I didn't care the name, only that I found it!!!  Interesting, though.  The very cool thing is that now that stamp had a baby...LOL...and it took my idea to another level!....Here's my card and pics of the stamps to show you what I did...
 The four squared stamp is pretty enough, but now there is a stamp that is the exact picture of the first square, without all the overlay of the other squares' leaves.  So, I stamped the sole leaf, cut it out, used a dauber and with 2 reds and an orange distress inks, colored the leaf.  Pretty simple, and I'm pretty very happy to have this stamp in my possession again...
I purchased my stamp at Frantic Stamper, but the site no longer carries "the baby", so my links are to the Impression Obsession site.  Frantic stamper's stamp is rubber cling, IO is wood a difference in price...just to let you know if you were wondering/interested.   Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. Simply gorgeous!!!

  2. Easy to see why you have thought about this stamp all these years. Your card is stunning. Worth the new name too! lol. I still regret that lapis/diamond ring I left in Jamaica years ago.... Glad you found this. Bev

  3. Beautiful - I love the pop of color.

  4. What a great find!! And a baby stamp too..... love how you used it for a colour splash, so pretty :0)
    Your cards are always such perfection Lisa.
    Jenny x


I so appreciate your comments...thank you, so much, for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa