Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Music Cards for Mom and a Redo

Hurricane Irene is coming our way...not sure what the rest of the week will hold.  We are praying and believing that she will be pushed away from our shore.  I got water today and looked for a generator, but they were gone everywhere and I am on a waiting list at Sears(60 are coming in on Friday, I'm 17th on the list).  Even though it does not look like we will have a direct hit by the hurricane, the winds will be super strong.  Remembering hurricane Isabel in 2003, the last strong one to hit our was pretty bad(just google Isabel in Virginia), we were without power in our house for about 4 days...our neighborhood is on the same power grid as the area hospital, so our power is on pretty quick(some didn't have power for WEEKS).  Noah's injury 4 years ago changed our need for electricity.  His bed, the way he's fed...and having at least  a fan...well I'm amazed that we have made it the last 4 years without a thought of having a generator!!
I must admit, I think my mojo left town with the news of Irene, but these are cards that I made for my mom for the music group that she is secretary for and sends birthday cards to the members, last week.  Made with paper, felt, and dies from Papertrey Ink, the sentiment from Hampton Arts(I thought the "to you" went perfect with a music when you sing it:)!!):

This one is one that I did about a month ago as a birthday card.  My daughter's best friend asked me to do this as a wedding card for her to here is the birthday followed by the wedding(I made one for myself for a shabby chic wedding we will be going to in fit the colors, too:)!!):

Thought the versatility was cool...just wanted to share that with you!  The scalloped die is My Favorite Things, the sentiment Papertrey Ink (Giga Guide Lines).
Thanks for looking, hope you have a great night:)!!


  1. No lack of mojo from this end of the screen :) Love the PTI floers and the layered border punch with the pearls on the next ones are fabulous. Love them all :)

    Hoping Irene changes course so you don't get the brunt (((hugs)))

  2. Beautiful cards!I pray that you'll be safe...

  3. All this card are lovely!

  4. You have commented on my blog and I finally got over to check yours out. I cannot believe that I didn't come sooner - I LOVE your work. I had a great time browsing this morning and am now following so I can keep up!


I so appreciate your comments...thank you, so much, for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa