Thursday, February 8, 2018

Lawn Fawn Flower Border

I recently got the Lawn Fawn Flower Border die, just thought it looked so cute!!  I have made three cards to show you that I made with this fun die! The first is the last one I made, the last is the first, and I'll tell you why in a bit...
This card uses a straightened border...this is what I did to it...
I die cut a couple white ones, and a green one for the stems and leaves, cutting them into a curved strip.  I cut off the green flower tops and adhered them to the white ones.  I then adhered them to a piece of white cardstock, straightening the curve to a straight line.  The cardstock will bend a bit,  but it's not going to show, so no matter...
I then layered a rainbow of colors of flowers that were cut from their stems , layered and adhered to the white cardstock pieces.  I embossed the card panel with a Papertrey Ink embossing plate and stamped a Simon sentiment.  I added enamel dots to the flowers.  Here's a close up...
The second one, I used the die as was, making very similar to the first, without the cutting and the bending.  I used pink and red cardstock for the flowers, and added enamel dots to the centers of the pink ones.  I stamped the My Favorite Things sentiment along the slope of the flowers...
Here's a close up... to the last, which was the first I made.  I made it with a black background, but I just LOVED and STILL LOVE the black background!!
 I just thought with the daisies, the white background kind of made the flowers disappear.  Both my daughters, when asked, one didn't like the black at all, the other said it was cute, but the black WAS kind of big.   I added the striped bottom to this version, and laugh, because it looks like a piano to me...hee hee!   I STILL like this one, though, and thought I would put it up anyway...just in case there was someone out there in blog land who may see things like me:)!! ...

Okay...the next I didn't even mention, but decided I just HAD to put it in this post!!   I made another after the one above.... and had to cut it short, because I didn't stamp the sentiment perfectly.  I added a...RED RIBBON!!!!...yes...a... ribbon!!!!!  I can't remember the last time I used a ribbon....ok...I don't mind sayting it...I like/liked it!!!!
I have just LOVED playing with this is cute, fun, and has so many possibilities...Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. I am with you. The black one is my favorite! Alas, another die to add to my wish list. Adorable.

  2. Lisa, anything you do with a die turns out amazing! I love them all!

  3. I really like the first 2 but the 2 with the black I LOVE! Everything you make is fantastic and I love what you do with a single die. When new dies are released from companies, I wait to order until I see what you create with them. You are the die Queen and many I own are because of what you create, you are a great source of inspiration :) Cheers, Dotty

  4. I really love all the cards, the black ones pop! I really appreciate all the beautiful cards you make, wonderful inspiration!

  5. Love these gorgeous cards especially the black backgrounds! Love the die. xxx

  6. WOW, these are beautiful and thanks for the detailed DIY! What is it about tiny repeated images that grab my eyeballs and glue them to the card?

  7. I just love your work :) These cards made me smile as I love flowers and they are reminding me of spring! Love the one with the black background!!

  8. Hi Lisa. Lovely selection of cards but my favourite too is the black background. Brings the cards to life x

  9. Love the white embossed card! How cheerful! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Love these - thanks for the enable!!

  11. Pinned 'em all! Thanks for the inspiration.

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I so appreciate your comments...thank for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa