Friday, October 11, 2013

Striped Snowflakes

This new snowflake die from Simon Says Stamp is so much fun!!  I started off making ONE card with striped paper behind a snowflake...only thing was...I found things I wanted to keep changing a bit, and came away with THREE cards!!  I will show the order of my making, not my favorite order...if you leave a comment, I'd LOVE to know which one YOU like best!...
 Loved the idea of blues with strips of white

 LOVE the color combo of pinks with brown...even at Christmas!

Decided to try the first version with NO white strips (think the snowflake shows a bit better with no white?) and a larger sentiment...hmm

You can play with a whole bunch of color combos...greens and, red and white...silver, teal, carribean blue....multi color...just to name a few...FUN!!!  My favorite is the second, the daughter's favorite is the first one...well...that's why there's chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, right:)?!
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  1. While I absolutely LOVE all of them, my favorite is the third one for colour and the first one for the sentiment. Kind Regards, Dotty

  2. All three are truly amazing. Love the whole idea of stripes behind the snowflakes...clever, clever idea! I'm going with the pink/brown one as my favorite, (though I really like the blues too...). The pink/brown one reminds me, for some reason, of hot chocolate. Perfect for winter and snowflakes. Great cards! Bev

  3. Glad I ordered this one too! Love these cards!

  4. LOVE these! I think the last one is my fave!!

  5. Looove that snowflake die!! Gorgeous cards. I'm with you on #2 :)

  6. Beautiful die!
    And all THE cards are super!

  7. WOW!
    Wie klasse - bin begeistert!
    So schlicht und so schön!

    LG, katrin

  8. I like all three, but probably the third one the best. Nice combo!

  9. Incredible! Love them all!

  10. I loved this card so much that I pinned it and I re-created something similar. I posted a link to this on my blog Thank you for great inspiration!

  11. Love these. #3 is my favorite

  12. I loved this so much, I copied you shamelessly! Honestly, I just loved this card. Here's my attempt at something similar (I linked back to you, of course)


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