Sunday, November 7, 2021

Tiny Dancer

I have had a thought...a vision, for literally a couple months, of a birthday card for my granddaughter, 
made with the adorable Simon Says Stamp Dance and Twirl stamp/die set...and with her birthday a handful of days away, I finally made it work!!...
I took ballet lessons when I was little and remember walls lined with mirrors, wooden bars along those mirrors, and wooden floors.  I used some really shiny silver cardstock for the mirrors...and the photography really suffered because of it, but hope you get the general gist of this card, despite the shiny paper.  I used wood veneer cardstock for the bar and floor, which I stamped with the Simon's On the Ground cling stamp.  I extended the bar die cut to be a bit longer.  I stamped, embossed, die cut and colored the dancer, and here is where I had such a problem.  I wanted her to move(dance) along the floor.  I love to send my grand babies birthday cards that have movement!  I have slider dies, but I didn't want the slider to really show, and the only spot wide enough on this pretty little girl to adhere a penny and such, is on her dress, which would really show, it would compete with the bar.  I finally came up with the solution late last night...
 I put two THICK glue squares on the dancer' was almost full size, the one on top, about 1/2.  I hand cut a really thin piece of foam to put behind the bar, and adhered to the bar with glue.  I put the bar between the squares on the dancer, and brushed the bar with my static bag to powder it a bit for easier sliding.  I took the coverings off the glue squares, and put a strip of paper over them connecting them over the bar.   I then adhered both ends of the bar onto the shiny silver with glue for good securing, and my dancer now dances!  She will slide on the bar between the glued ends...

I used the CZ Design Archie Jr Solid letter dies(sorry, seem to no longer be available😞) layered, for the sentiment.  I did get kind of tired trying to get photos of this card, having the "mirror" background, so I gave up and just took pics.  Please try to see just the card😄😄 
I brushed her dress with my Wink of Stella brush to give her some glitter...
I am so happy to have had this card finished...unfortunately, figuring out the photographing was just as frustrating as figuring out how to get my desired finished card, but fortunately, both got done!! In the mail tomorrow...
Thanks for visiting me today!! Hugs!! Lisa


  1. Lisa this is brilliant! Such a beautiful card, one your grand daughter will treasure for a long long time!

  2. Adorable! congrats on putting your thinking cap on and overcoming the problem!

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I so appreciate your comments...thank for taking the time to write:)!! Hugs!! Lisa